Under a microscope: a boy who escapes from the shadow of his father

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Everyone in Italy is looking for his new big star, a name that worsens interest in Squadra adzura`s typhoons. Federico Bernardeski seems to be closest to becoming the big favorite. He left Fiorentina to find himself in one of the biggest clubs from soccer partners in Italy - Juventus. Again in Florence, an exceptional talent shines. Federico Kieza was born in Genoa, starting his football adventure in Florence when he was only five years old.

Starts at the Stiinese School, a small club, however, which gives the most to Federico, namely, his love for the ball. At the age of 10 he was already in Fiorentina`s school where he faced a lot of obstacles before he got a chance to start training with the first team, when Paulo Souza was the head of the Fio, the man with the main credit for the progress of the young star`s play. It does not take long for the Portuguese specialist to understand that Federico Kieza has an exceptional talent, but that does not impress the manager. The character and way in which the youth trained really won Soussa. Do not delay the debut of Federico. He comes in the clash against Juventus. A moment that changes his life and, according to many, creates the new star in Italian football. When we talk about Kieza`s short career so far, we can not be so categorical about his strengths and weaknesses, but there are things in his game that are distinctive. He is an aggressive wing, a modern racer who can play well in different game modes. 3-4-2-1, when it should cover the whole flank and in building 4-2-3-1, then when there is more freedom in attack. In each of these moments, Kieza seems ready to deal because he has these qualities. The 20-year-old footballer is easily coping with Serie A`s personal battles. When we look at the statistics, he sees himself as extremely accurate in the submissions, he is seldom mistaken, and it brings the necessary comfort. So far, there are two goals in the season for 880 minutes, a total of five in Italy`s elite. It looks very far from the numbers that his father Enrico Kieza has, but the goals are not the strongest side of the young man.

With the pace at which he is developing, it is hard to imagine how far Federico Kieza can get to football. But surely he is now one of Italy`s greatest talents. The interest is already huge, like Chelsea and Conte `breathing` around him, but it is obvious that the young man is not in a hurry to leave Florence. There is no doubt that this is the right decision because he has to learn more to become a complete player to start shining with the Italian team. It is no coincidence that he signed a new contract with the violet until the summer of 2022. Stefano Pioli`s task is extremely important because Scuadra Adzura needs the completed Kieza hour sooner, and the experienced mentor can certainly play a key role in achieving this overall goal.

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