Diego Simeone:Atletico is not Real or Barca to win at 4:0

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Atletico coach Madrid Diego Simeone explained with temperament that the mats are not very effective on the pitch. In his opinion, 4:0 or 6:0 results via buy insider tips achieved teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich as their coaches did not scream as much as they were at the pitch.

I`ve been such a long time. Now I love being close to the terrain and feeling the game. I like to have an uncertainty in the match. So it was when I was a footballer. Fear makes you pursue self-improvement and be alert. It is unwise to think that you are the best. Football is constantly changing.

When the player is under pressure, he shows his best qualities. Players always understand what the coach feels. When he starts to act less energetically at the end of the line, he loses control of the players, Simeone says.

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