Kevin Durant to bring Golden State to Staples Center victory

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Kevin Durant has scored 36 points, including a relegation basket at 7. 3 seconds to the sequel and Golden State wins Los Angeles with 116:114 in a match from the National Basketball League of the United States and Canada (NBA). This was the 9th consecutive win for Warriors during the regular season, but the champions are still second in the Western Conference and are lagging behind a Houston match that overcame Utah with 120:99. Clay Thompson scored 17 points and won ten rebounds in the evening in which the Lakers retired the legend of Kobe Bryant.

Durant was the main problem for the Lakers, although Thompson was the player who fired the most in the champions. They missed 31 of their first 40 shots, but Durant scored 4/4 in the sequel, including the winning basket. The Lakers got a chance for a last attack, but David West blocked Lonzo Bol`s shot and Brendan Ingram did not shoot before the siren. Steph Curry missed the fifth consecutive Lakers match adviced by soccer partners with ankle injury, and Dramund Green was absent in the fourth of those five fights due to pain in the right shoulder. Durant and Warriors did enough to win against the Lakers, which Kyle Kuzma scored 25 points.

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