Conte: I will never worry about dismissal

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Chelsea manager Antonio Conte said he would never worry about dismissal. In the last few days, the mentor`s chair was slightly shaken after the team`s hesitant results. Yesterday, however, the London blue boys showed character and made a 4: 2 draw in their Watford home. There is voltage, but not this type of voltage. If the club adviced by questions insider soccer tips decides to fire me, it does not bother me at all. I believe in what I do and try to do the best for the club. That`s what I did last season, and that`s what I do now. That`s why I will never have to worry about dismissal - never, `said Conte. When you have to play three games a week with the same players, sometimes you have to make tough decisions. Sometimes they work, otherwise - no. I was lucky today. If we compare this season to the past, Mishi does not play so much. Against Crystal Palace he was not on a level, but that is true of everyone else. Today he has a great involvement and I hope to continue in the same spirit, the Italian said. Getting out of such a difficult situation makes you stronger. We lost 1: 2 and we were in an unpleasant position, one of the worst. That is why it was very important to turn things around. This shows that we have players with a great desire for victory who do not resign to such a situation, the expert concluded.

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