Benevento waved the white flag

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Benitevent senior coach Roberto De Zebrrew believes less and less in the salvation of his team after late last night in the A Series suffered a new heavy loss. This time Benvenuto lost 2:5 from Roma to Olympiacos and failed to take important points in his struggle for survival. The team has a seven-point asset and divides it fourteen points from staying in the elite:

`We could have performed much better. ` `The Roma team has a lot of strengths. when we have so many new players We played well in 60 minutes We might have been more insistent before the second goal We then dropped out and lost the game. We must win two or three meetings to see where we are and to make ourselves equalaccount. Can we do a miracle as Crotone year ago? We`ll need something similar and perhaps even greater luck ended December Dzebri after the game from live sport events of `Olimpico`.

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