Iguaine has criticized Juve`s critics:It`s easy to comment on the sofa

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Juventus striker Gonzalo Iguaine, who was the main actor in the Tottenham biker match match at the 1/8-finals of the Champions League, ended a 2-2 draw, attacking all critics who cast their comments on the Italian champion. The Argentine striker made two hits for his team, giving Juve a solid lead. In addition, Iguaine missed a penalty at the end of the first half, which also cost the Torino victory against Spurs.

Pitta uses his Insgragram account to express his opinion after the bad result for Juve:

Good day to everyone! How easy it is to talk about a match adviced by questions insider soccer tips from a sofa or chair. By 2-0 everything was perfect, but after 2:2, the opinion changed quickly. We do not care about this opinion going to London to win this game. I embrace all those who want the good of Juventus, `concluded Igwain.

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