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The pathetic appearance of Patrice Evra prior to the start of last March`s Olympics Marseilles vs. Vitoria (Guimaraes) in Europa League was dictated by the negative attitude of the supporters, inform the media in France. The defender kicked a fan in the head during the heat, so he received a direct red card before the game had begun. The ultras do not seem to like the unsatisfactory form of the player who has only two games analyzed by insider soccer predictions on his account since the start of the season.

Since Evra was recorded among the reserves, Marseille has come out with 11 people on the pitch. French journalist Julien Laurent has revealed exactly what provoked former Manchester United footballer. According to him, the aforementioned fan told him `Keep making your videos, but stop playing football.

Evra is known for constantly sharing her own videos on social networks. It seems that fans do not like its shape, and that`s why it hurt it.

Here is how it all went out last night:

* Evra, who is recorded among the reserve, starts to warm up with his other teammates

* For about 30 minutes, however, Marseille fans continue to offendsoccer player

* Evra approaches the ultras, which are around 500

* He gets nervous and kicks a ball to them, but his teammates immediately interfere and Evra visibly calms

* Evra jumps over the adpanes behind the door and is already apparently beginning to fight with fans who move forward in their sector to be closerThe 36-year-old footballer returns to the pitch, but a group of fans is already up to the banners and then Evra kicks one of them

* Evra is taken to the bench with reserves but then expelledfrom the referee and goes to watch the match from the stands where he shows a good mood and even shoots with fans.

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